About us

APS electronic AG is a Swiss manufacturer of auxiliary power converters for public transport. Be it trains, urban and suburban rail, e-bus or trolleybus: we help get people to their destinations – reliably and comfortably.

Our auxiliary power converters guarantee a safe power supply for electric drives, air conditioning systems, passenger information systems or power sockets near the seats. We are driven by the desire to make public mobility more reliable, more efficient and more effective.

As a specialist in the field of power electronics, APS stands for technical expertise in the conception, planning and project management of customised solutions for rail and electric bus mobility. We are proud of our ability to fulfil our customers’ individual wishes and, depending on the demands and nature of the challenges, develop tailor-made, innovative solutions.

We are part of the Knorr-Bremse company and we are the centre of expertise for auxiliary converters with natural convection cooling at Knorr-Bremse.

On the Move Since 1975: Now, and in the Future

The first auxiliary power converter built by the company EAO AG, Olten was installed in 1975 in a vehicle for the Lucerne-Stans-Engelberg-Bahn (LSE) service – today: Zentralbahn (zb).

The devices installed back then have now been in operation for forty years and are expected to last another ten to fifteen years.

From 1975 to 1998, EAO AG developed and built auxiliary converters for trolleybuses, trams and mainline trains and quickly became market leader for the Swiss LRV (Light Rail Vehicle Operators).

From 1993, the company represented GmbH (today: Kiepe Electric) in Switzerland.

APS electronic AG was founded in 1998 after a management buy-out of the power electronics division of the EAO company. The management of APS electronic AG also took on the engineering team.

Niederbuchsiten, not far from Basel and Solothurn, provided the perfect location for the headquarters of the new company. Being based in Switzerland offers the advantages of an outstanding business infrastructure and a central location in Europe.

APS electronic AG has been working with Kiepe Electric for more than twenty years now in the field of electrical systems for trolleybuses, electric buses, and rail vehicles. In 2009, APS electronic AG became a subsidiary of Kiepe Electric GmbH in Switzerland. Since 2017, we have been part of the Knorr-Bremse company.

APS electronic AG is the centre of expertise for auxiliary converters with natural convection cooling at Knorr-Bremse.

Since the foundation of APS electronic AG, we have delivered more than 4,000 static converters for trains, trams, trolleybuses and electric busses around the world. Our power converters are in use in Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Canada, the US, Australia, China, Poland and Egypt.


On the Fast Track No Matter What Track Gauge

APS electronic AG is well-established on the domestic market and our auxiliary converters are used by most rail operators in Switzerland. Both smaller railway systems such as MOB, RBS, ZB, ASM or TPF and big players such as BLS and SBB use our modular and scalable FMC Technology. APS electronic AG now generates 60 per cent of its sales abroad. It also goes without saying that we supply train manufacturers such as Stadler and Bombardier.

The success of our company is due to the trust placed in us by our customers. And, of course, the experience and expertise of our team. 33 people, of whom 15 are engineers and technicians and 14 assembly line workers, are employed at our headquarters in Niederbuchsiten.

To make sure our mobility solutions remain at the cutting edge of technology, we continually invest in innovation, research and development of our state-of-the-art systems and components.