APS electronic offers a complete range of power auxiliary converters, which are compatible with most of the network voltages for urban transports (e.g. tramways, metros, trolleybuses) and main line rail vehicles. APS electronic converters are based on a modular design.

Depending on the technical requirements such as the network voltage(s), output rating, number and type of loads, the converter will be designed with a combination of different standardized modules. Such power electronic modules have the following properties:
  • designed with or without galvanic isolation
  • min. 97% power efficiency
  • Cooling: mostly with natural convection or cooling on demand depending on the application
  • Protection index: min IP 54
  • Rated power: 3 kVA to 60 kVA (cos phi = 0.85)
  • Communication: Ethernet or CAN bus
  • Assembly type: Roof, undercarriage, inside the vehicle
  • Stainless steel housing with welding standard EN 15085-2
FMC technology
designed with or without galvanic isolation