The APS Promise


Top Quality

All products developed and manufactured by APS electronic AG meet the highest possible quality standards. Quality is in our DNA, because we know that only the best products can satisfy the best customers.

Uncompromising Reliability

We not only want our products to be the most reliable on the market – we also aim to be a reliable partner for you, our customer. That is why commitment, transparency and customer orientation are central to our goals. We are there for you.
Reliability also plays a vital role within our company because trust and confidence have to be earned. We stand for highly-qualified and passionate employees and being a reliable employer is also one of our corporate goals.

Real Customer Care

"Customer orientation" is no empty slogan for us. We place enormous value on being your partner and problem-solver. That is why we do our utmost to know the challenges and requirements facing our customers and do all in our power to fulfil their wishes. We listen carefully to our customers, take them seriously and aim to develop customised solutions tailored to their needs. We regard customer orientation as a process which we try to optimise by continually improving structures on all levels of the company. We want to get better all the time – for you.

Expert Service

Solution-orientated, quick, uncomplicated and efficient: we will provide support for the entire life cycle of our products and provide you with the service you need. Whether you need repairs or maintenance, spare parts or advice on using the products – with our expert and friendly service team, you can be sure you’re in good hands.

Responsible and Sustainable

The future has many exciting challenges in store in the mobility sector and we at APS electronic AG want to help actively shape that future. We keep a close eye on trends and developments and set ourselves the goal of embracing these changes. Innovation drives us – and we drive innovation. We are also well aware that our resources are finite and that sustainability has to play a central role in our business activities.

Making the Impossible Possible

Making the impossible possible: that is something APS not only wants but intends to achieve. That may sound presumptuous but why should you settle for anything less? That is why we reach for the skies, continuously developing and optimising our FMC Technology and trying to make every single new product that little better than the one that went before it. We want to be your partner and we aim to stretch the limits of the possible for you.

In order to achieve this goal, we do our best to make sure our employees can always acquire further training and qualifications in accordance with their abilities and ambitions and ensure that they fulfil their potential. We are convinced that only employees who are motivated and equipped to make the most of their skills and talents can make the seemingly impossible possible.