Power Electronics by APS: Made in Switzerland, Used All Over the World

Whether it’s for the lighting or the loudspeaker system, the coffee machine in the on-board restaurant or the power sockets at the passenger seats, the passenger information system or the air conditioning: all kinds of consumer loads have to be provided with power supplies on railway trains, underground and suburban trains, or busses. Our auxiliary converters are the answer to these complex tasks.

APS auxiliary converters, thanks to the combined and extensive experience of our crew in customised power electronics engineering, represent innovative technology made in Switzerland. Around the world, there are more than 4000 APS devices in operation, providing a reliable and efficient electric power supply.


Always Ahead of the Curve – FMC Technology

Thanks to our modular FMC Technology ("Function Module Concept"), which was developed especially by APS electronic AG, we are in a position to respond extremely flexibly to our customers’ different  needs. Our patented isolating transformer topology achieves very high efficiency rates of more than 95 per cent. Designed to produce as little power loss as possible, APS auxiliary converters are self-cooling, using natural convection. Our devices are lighter and more compact than comparable technology offered by our competitors. We also guarantee additional electric safety through our standard use of galvanically isolated inputs and outputs. APS auxiliary power converters have an MTBF rate of >50,000h and are designed to remain maintenance-free for 20 years or more. APS auxiliary converters can be installed on the roof, in the vehicle interior or under the floor. Thank to modular FMC Technology, they can be adapted to meet the most different customer needs. We can develop the perfect customised solution for both series with large runs and special products with smaller lot sizes.


Turning Old to New: Retrofits and Modernisation Projects

Thanks to FMC Technology, APS has become a renowned partner for modernisation projects. Our auxiliary converters ensure a safe and reliable power supply for electric drives, air conditioning, passenger information systems, or power sockets at the passenger seats. When developing individual modules and components for our devices we systematically make sure of their backward compatibility. That means even very old auxiliary converters can stay in use until the end of a vehicle’s lifetime.


APS Auxiliary Converters: Keeping Their Promise Their Lifetime Long

APS stands for extensive and immediate service throughout its products’ lifetimes. Our auxiliary converters are designed to last twenty or thirty years. It doesn‘t happen very often but even our converters can break down. We conduct repairs, if needed, at our base in Niederbuchsiten – quickly and reliably, so that your business does not suffer.

The Advantages at a Glance

  • modular and scalable structure
  • natural convection cooling
  • high power densities
  • compact design
  • low weight
  • high energy efficiency rates
  • extra safety thanks to standard galvanically isolated inputs and outputs
  • weather and environment resistant
  • level of protection IP66
  • MTBF >50,000

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